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We're looking for fitness-loving locals and national content contributors to cover the best workout spots, races, and healthy eats on a city-by-city basis and across the U.S. 

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Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Charlotte
Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pheonix, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver , Washington DC.
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About us:  Fitt is super passionate about helping people go healthy. We exist to connect people with their local health and fitness community. 

About you:  You’re actively involved in your city’s fitness community. 

Everyone looks to you for tips on the best run routes, yoga studios, and healthy eats. Plus you can write informative, engaging, actionable, and share-worthy content. 

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>  Write, edit, and proofread articles, to create shareable and engaging content
>  Assist the Editorial Team in generating new content topics
>  Craft highly shareable and attention grabbing headlines
>  Meet regular submission deadlines

>  Must be based in the city to which you are applying
>  Know the local fitness scene inside and out
>  Strong writing skills, including editorial or communications background 
>  Passion for health, fitness, and the local fitness community 
>  Proficient in Google Docs

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